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Consultation, advice, supervision, and training.

My consultation, training and supervision has an intensely practical focus, with a focus on helping practitioners, managers and organisations to use psychological principles to alleviate mental distress. I work with individuals and organisations on a one off or ongoing basis to assist them to work in psychologically-informed ways to welcome and cope with the things we find hardest, and use them to learn and develop.

All the training I provide is tailored to the unique needs of the organisations I work with because I believe that unless training is contextually relevant, it is not meaningful. Trainings include:

Collaboration without Collusion / Challenging Behaviour
People who experience mental distress in correlation with other difficulties such as homelessness, alcohol and substance misuse, and contact with the criminal justice system, sometimes present with behaviours that challenge us and make working collaboratively feel difficult. This training is an intensely practical guide to anticipating and appreciating challenging behaviours, and using them for learning collaboratively with our clients. Practitioners learn how to support clients to communicate verbally rather than behaviourally, and how to respond collaboratively to needs, while maintaining boundaries, and managers and services learn how to use 'challenging' feedback to improve and develop our services.

Working with Suicide
Many people experience suicidal thoughts and feelings, but practitioners can find it very difficult to talk clearly about suicidal thoughts and feelings, and to assess and manage risk effectively. This training is an intensely practical look at how to identify risk of suicide; honour and support clients who share suicidal feelings; and work collaboratively and practically to help them stay safe. It also looks at the aftermath of suicide and helps practitioners understand and manage their own responses, while honouring our clients by making sure that their lessons, values and ideas live on in our own careers and practice.

Collaboration without Collusion for Managers:
A lot of attention is paid to ensuring that therapeutic and social care frontline practice is responsive and reflective - but if we don't attend to ensuring that team cultures and organisations also reflect and embody those characteristics, we end up with practitioners, teams and organisations who begin to resemble clients' problematic ways of relating:- stuck, splitting, blaming, catastrophising and disengaging, with high levels of turnover that mean that it can be extremely hard to meet clients' needs. This training was developed to help managers and leaders apply a psychological and therapeutic understanding to their task, understand how teams can break down, and what to do about it.

I also work with organisations and teams whose relations have broken down to help them to find practical and supportive ways of working together through team days, case consultation and advice, or ongoing group work.

I provide training, case consultation and advice to organsations who would like to promote wellbeing within their organisations and clients.

I provide training, case consultation and advice on how to use the hardest situations with which we are faced, as our best learning.

I help managers work effectively and supportively with their teams to reduce burnout, and increase learning, creativity and efficacy through case consultation, advice and training.

This list is not exhaustive: do get in touch if you have questions about my approach or offer.


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